Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mask House - Diamond V-FIT Mask

Hallo, it's been a long time since I posted a review ^^ This time it's about a V mask. So what is Diamond V-FIT mask? It's a mask which does a lot; reducing chin fat, make your jawline to achieve a ''V'' shape, tighten and maybe more that I can't come up with right now :D

First time I'm using my mom's new camera, wayyy better than my old one lool
KFDA seal, it's authentic
Honestly, I was kind of sceptic to begin with. I read the reviews from Sasa, and most of the people gave it a good feedback ^^ Uhm, I also gained weight so my double chin is more visible now *embarrassed*. I'm really sorry I can't show you pics of me wearing it because I look totally ridiculous xD Not only that, I had problems to take pics of measuring my jawline but I tried (I know, bad reason but I can't stand my big face D: )

instructions in english too yay

One box includes 5 piece of mask and 1 slimming band

During the process I felt that my jawline and neck area was really hot! I instantly felt a burning sensation when I applied the mask, but it's painless so no worries. I got a little bit red but it should be normal, and again... No worries because the mask is KFDA approved! 

Lol so I tried to demonstrate the measurements, but I guess I failed.. XD No hate please hihi
So I started from 25 cm, and after 40 minutes I lost.. 1 cm!!! And it was my first try, yet I got visible result O_O I'm so impressed, I already have V-line but my jawline looks more firm now *O* My sister told me my face looked slimmer~ I will totally recommend it but don't expect total miracle. \(^ ^)/

No makeup, but i still look same shit with makeup on anyway lol
You can buy it on sasa, but I bought it from ebay for around 41$. I don't find it too expensive since the product promise what it claims to do. I still got chin fat but it's less visible now!! O(≧∇≦)O

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Meow Nguyen said...

where do you buy this dear?

Jia Hui Lim said...

I bought this trial pack (one mask and one slimming band) and it takes two weeks to deliver. Once I use up the one mask, what should I do? Can I just use a regular mask? Will the slimming band work by its self?

Jaii Popo said...


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